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Funding to Upgrade Existing Community Infrastructure in East Hants

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Community facilities in East Hants will receive upgrades thanks to provincial grants.

“Community participation is key to sustaining a vibrant province,” said John MacDonald, MLA for Hants East, on behalf of Allan MacMaster, Minister of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage. “The funding being provided is going towards the growth, accessibility and maintenance of well-established facilities that service the needs of residents.”

The Municipality of East Hants received funding for repairs to the East Hants Aquatic Centre pool, located in Elmsdale, which was damaged by flooding last year. The municipality also received funding for additions to a playground in Enfield, including an accessible walkway and surface and an inclusive swing, which is designed to be accessible for people with physical disabilities.

Other community facilities will also be upgraded through provincial grants:

  • Anglican Parish of Lantz will install an elevator lift in the St. George’s Church community hall in Dutch Settlement
  • Maitland & District Volunteer Fire Department will install new flooring, windows, doors, a heat pump and a storage shed at the community hall
  • the Enfield, Elmsdale & District Lions Club will build pickleball courts in Enfield
  • the Rainbow Community Club in Kennetcook will have its roof replaced
  • the Rising Tide New Horizons Group will replace windows and paint the kitchen at its facility in Noel.

These community grants are part of a series of announcements taking place across the province.


“With the Strategic Funding Initiative investment of $570,000 and the Community ACCESS-Ability grant of $12,943, East Hants is making improvements that will enhance our facilities and uphold our commitment to fostering a vibrant, accessible community for all. These investments support both the reopening of our aquatic centre and the installation of more inclusive playgrounds.”
Eleanor Roulston, Warden, Municipality of East Hants

Quick Facts:

  • grant recipients and funding amounts:
    • Municipality of East Hants – about $583,000
    • Anglican Parish of Lantz (St. George's Church) – over $45,000
    • Maitland & District Volunteer Fire Department – just over $35,000
    • Enfield, Elmsdale & District Lions Club – $35,000
    • Rainbow Community Club – over $22,000
    • Rising Tide New Horizons Group – just over $4,000
  • the Province’s accessibility strategy, Access by Design 2030, outlines how the government will achieve its goal of an accessible province by providing people with disabilities equitable access to programs, services, information and infrastructure

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NOTE: The Anglican Parish of Lantz project was corrected June 19, 2024.