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Funding for New, Existing Community Facilities in Guysborough County

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People in Guysborough County will benefit from a new fitness centre, facility upgrades and trail improvements with provincial grants announced today, June 14.

“It’s important for everyone to have access to sport, recreation and educational opportunities, especially those living in rural communities,” said Greg Morrow, Minister of Agriculture and MLA for Guysborough-Tracadie, on behalf of Allan MacMaster, Minister of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage. “This investment is another step in creating healthy communities by supporting projects for everyone to enjoy throughout the year.”

The Municipality of the District of Guysborough received funding for an addition to the Canso & Area Arena, which will allow the Fanning Fitness Centre to relocate from its current location.

The Eastern Counties Regional Library, established in 1969, received funding for its Mulgrave location, to install a new ramp and accessibility door, replace windows, upgrade the electrical system and develop a building management plan.

Other community facilities and trails will also be upgraded through the provincial grants:

  • Chedabucto Snowmobile Club will enhance 15 kilometres of the Round Lake Wilderness Trail for multi-use access
  • St. Mary's ATV Club will develop a new connector route trail from Sonora to Sherbrooke
  • Hazel Hill & Area Community Association will replace the roof of its community centre
  • Senior Citizens Shamrock Club will make repairs to its siding, door and fence
  • Guysborough County Trails Association will widen the McAllister suspension bridge
  • Whitehaven Community Association will install ductless heat pumps at the community centre.

These grants are part of a series of announcements taking place across the province.


“The investment being made today by both the Province and our municipality is an investment in the health and well-being of our residents. We are thankful for the government's commitment to this project and we look forward to seeing this project completed.”
Vernon Pitts, Warden, Municipality of the District of Guysborough

Quick Facts:

  • grant recipients and funding amounts:
    • Municipality of the District of Guysborough – $700,000
    • Eastern Counties Regional Library – $250,000
    • Chedabucto Snowmobile Club – $90,000
    • St. Mary's ATV Club – over $54,000
    • Hazel Hill & Area Community Association – $50,000
    • Senior Citizens Shamrock Club – just over $18,000
    • Guysborough County Trails Association – $12,000
    • Whitehaven Community Association – over $10,000
  • the Province’s accessibility strategy, Access by Design 2030, outlines how the government will achieve its goal of an accessible province by providing people with disabilities equitable access to programs, services, information and infrastructure

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