News release

Statement on Federal Government’s Decision to Invest in Quebec Bridge

Public Works
NOTE: The following is a statement from Kim Masland, Minister of Public Works.

For years now, the governments of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have been calling on the federal government to do the right thing and live up to its obligation to fix the Chignecto Isthmus. We deserve to be treated fairly, as other jurisdictions have been in the past. Today, once again, the federal government is choosing to neglect us as it favours others.

The federal government has announced they are taking ownership of the Quebec Bridge and will invest $1 billion to maintain and rehabilitate the bridge. The reason being that the bridge has an important historical significance to the area and is a regional transportation link and a strategic freight corridor.

The Atlantic provinces are facing the threat of losing the Chignecto Isthmus due to climate change. The isthmus also has a long history and is a major trade route, and not just for the Atlantic provinces, but for the rest of Canada.

The isthmus sees around $100 million worth of goods pass through it every single day, including food that feeds Canadians, vehicles, forestry products, critical supplies for manufacturing in other parts of the country and more. It also allows people to travel to the province for important medical appointments, education and to access other Atlantic provinces.

We have repeatedly asked the federal government to acknowledge its responsibility of this project as it is of national significance and if it were to be lost, the whole country would feel the impact.

It was estimated the Chignecto Isthmus project would cost $650 million to prevent a possible catastrophic event that would not only impact Canada’s supply chain and economy, but if it were to fail, it could also cost irreplaceable lives.

The federal government has a responsibility to treat all Canadians equally and should not be favouring one province over another. I want to once again urge the federal government to show leadership and fully fund this project before it is too late.