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Grants for Trail, Pool Upgrades, Community Facilities in Lunenburg County

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Lunenburg County residents can look forward to upgrades at a popular trail, Mahone Bay’s community pool and several other community facilities thanks to provincial grants announced today, April 30.

“Trails keep our communities connected and help residents and visitors get outside and enjoy our beautiful South Shore,” said Susan Corkum-Greek, Minister of Economic Development and MLA for Lunenburg, on behalf of Allan MacMaster, Minister of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage. “The Town of Mahone Bay’s swimming pool is essential to its many users, and investing in upgrades will support the community’s needs for years to come.”

In addition to the Town of Mahone Bay’s grant for the pool, the Dynamite Trail Association received funding that will allow superstructure repairs for both the Mushamush River Bridge and Martins River Bridge. Both bridges are over 100 years old.

Several community facilities will also be upgraded through provincial grants:

  • the Indian Point Volunteer Fire Department received funding to replace a damaged roof and ceiling
  • the Walden Volunteer Fire Department will replace a bay door and do interior painting
  • the Lunenburg Marine Museum Society will repair a Cape Sable trawler
  • the West Northfield Community Centre received funding for roof and kitchen upgrades
  • the Lunenburg Farmers’ Market Association received funding for portable handwashing stations
  • the Mahone Bay Founders Society received funding for window repairs, stairs, shingling and insulation.

Community grants will continue to be announced across the province in the coming weeks.


“We are very excited to receive from CCTH funding for roof replacement, kitchen upgrades as well as a standby generator. This will lead to certification of our kitchen and also designate our hall as a community warming centre. As well, this will promote our hall to better serve our community in the future. We have also received funding through Efficiency Nova Scotia, which is provincially supported, to completely remove our reliance on oil to heat the premises, which has already shown us significant savings.”
— Bruce Veinotte, President and Chair, West Northfield Community Centre

Quick Facts:

  • grant recipients and funding amounts:
    • Dynamite Trail Association – $1.8 million
    • Town of Mahone Bay – $1 million
    • Indian Point Volunteer Fire Department – $50,000
    • Walden Volunteer Fire Department – $49,440
    • Lunenburg Marine Museum Society – $32,500
    • West Northfield Community Centre – $24,184
    • Lunenburg Farmers' Market Association – $4,444
    • Mahone Bay Founders Society – $4,335

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