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Legislation to Support Antigonish Consolidation

Municipal Affairs and Housing

Legislation introduced today, February 27, will allow the consolidation of the Town of Antigonish and the Municipality of the County of Antigonish.

In October 2022, both municipal councils passed motions to request that the provincial government consolidate the two municipalities through legislation. The councils confirmed the request on January 30.

“The decision to consolidate rests with elected councils, and the councils for the town and county have asked for this special legislation,” said John Lohr, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. “I agree with this decision as it will allow these historic municipalities to work together in new and innovative ways to support the long-term viability and growth of their communities.”

The legislation will address transitional matters and will outline:

  • the appointment of a transition co-ordinator and establishment of a transition co-ordinating committee
  • the responsibilities of the transition co-ordinator and the co-ordinating committee.

The co-ordinating committee will consist of the transition co-ordinator, the mayor and deputy mayor of the town, and the warden and deputy warden of the county.

The consolidation will be completed by November 1.

Quick Facts:

  • upon dissolution of the Town of Antigonish, residents will become part of the Municipality of the County of Antigonish
  • looking at opportunities to refine delivery and governance models for all municipalities in the province is a key part of the Minister’s mandate

Additional Resources:

Bills tabled in the legislature are available at:

Mandate letter for the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing: