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Carters Beach to be Designated as Provincial Park

Natural Resources and Renewables

Carters Beach, one of Nova Scotia’s most beautiful beaches, will soon be designated as a provincial park.

Under the designation, which will also include several islands near the Queens County beach, the area will be managed as a natural environment park so its unique environmental and cultural heritage can be protected and appreciated for generations to come.

“We’re pleased to add Carters Beach to our system of provincial parks that offer opportunities for recreation, education, research, tourism and enjoying nature,” said Tory Rushton, Minister of Natural Resources and Renewables. “With this designation, we’re aiming to strike the balance between allowing Nova Scotians and visitors to experience this very special place while also protecting its natural features.”

The area features some of the highest dunes in Nova Scotia, as well as salt marsh. It provides habitat for colonial nesting birds, the endangered piping plover and at-risk lichen, moss and orchids.

To accommodate visitors, the Department plans to add a new parking lot, a trail to the beach, accessible vault toilets and garbage facilities. New signs and outreach activities will help visitors understand and respect the park’s unique cultural and natural features. Site preparation for the new amenities will start soon.

Quick Facts:

  • Carters Beach Provincial Park will cover about 97 hectares of Crown land and will include the Spectacle Islands, Jackies Island and others
  • some survey work and administrative steps are necessary before the designation is complete; this is common when designating parks and protected areas
  • the park will be evaluated to determine if it contributes to the Province’s land conservation goal; not all designated parks qualify
  • the Province is committed to protecting 20 per cent of Nova Scotia’s land and water mass by 2030

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